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Art Direction + Print

Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a supernatural teen drama. It launched in October 2018, a time when its teen audience were facing their own hell: school exams. To help see them through and get ‘Brina on to-watch lists, we created a study guide in the style of the show. The guide was printed as a free newspaper and was also featured on youth websites and social.

The Idea
CAOS launched on October 26th worldwide, which happened to be smack bang in the middle of final high school exams in Australia. For this campaign, we created a Sabrina-themed study guide with real tips and study tricks to be nationally distributed and own the conversation around the series launch and exams. We created over 20k printouts of the study guide which were distributed across the country in areas for students to find and enjoy.

We needed to find a way to successfully engage the youth audience around the launch of Sabrina which falls during national high school exams. Every year at exam time, the media puts out study guides and stress management tips. This year, Sabrina is going to own the conversation around getting through exam hell.

There were various levels of the campaign which were all centered around the physical study guide we were developing. Amplification and extension included a partnership with local digital publisher Junkee to create a digital landing page for the full guide. A fully animated 60-second version of the study guide with supporting IG stories for organic and programmatic and lastly the influencer approach.